Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Night Basketball

Basketball is another favorite of the boys. Alec talks non stop about it. They all enjoy coming to watch me play. I can remember when I was younger, some of my fondest memories were going to watch my Dad's Saturday night basketball games at Gilroy High. The best part was getting to shoot at half time and after the game.

Here is Alec being funny by saying "Word Homie" while putting the hands up as if to say "what's up?"

Alec's attempt to make a shot. Pretty soon he'll be draining threes.

Kaden loves to dribble......

And shoot.............

Then stand there and look like it's too hard to smile for the camera.

A few weeks ago Bryce was really frustrated because he had trouble reaching the hoop with his shots but I introduced him to the saying that "Practice makes Perfect" and sure enough he has no problems reaching the hoop now.

COUNT IT!!!!!!!!

We are now attempting to work on his dribbling skills. I have him dribbling with both hands and once again, he got discouraged when he tried to use his left but I told him to never give up and keep trying and within 10 minutes he improved by 100%

The Rivalry has begun............

More later..

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