Saturday, June 6, 2009


I grew up playing soccer and had so much fun so a couple of years ago I started Bryce in an actual Rec League. It's one of those non-competetive leagues where every kid gets a trophy. I personally think that this teaches them poor sportsmanship because in the real world, the losers don't get a trophy. He did really well his first two years and scored goals in every season. His first season he had 6. His second season he had 13. But this last season was pretty rough. His team struggled with no subs, but I think he managed 4 or 5 goals. In any case, every time he scored a goal it took me at least 10 minutes to wipe the watermelon size grin off of my face.


For Kaden this last fall was his first season and he loved it. He scored 4 goals. Once again I was extremely proud of my child. He was a great sport and did not complain once. His coach loved him and said that he was such a joy to have on the team.


Alec on the other hand has not played in a league yet but he is definitely ready to start next season. He CANNOT wait. This little one copies everything his big brothers do and his is quite the little athlete. He is really coordinated and just generally knows what he's supposed to do. Can't wait to see him in action next season.

I can't wait to see all of my boys and future girls play high school sports. That was some of the best times I had in high school.

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